Bloody White Bridal Veil


Add a bit of horror to that special day when you accessorize with this Bloody White Bridal Veil. This Bloody White Bridal Veil will complement your scary bride themed costume with it’s splatters and stains of blood.

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Black Tie Gone AwryThere’s got to be a story here…You thought you had what it takes to plan your friend’s wedding this year. You thought you thought of everything. The seating chart strategically placed your varied and many friend groups at least within earshot of one another. A neutral jazz band was set up near the dance floor. Crates of Champagne were ordered. The RSVP cards are organized with salmon or steak options. You were sure that your friend’s big day was going to be a stunning success. But how were you supposed to know that the catering staff you invited were werewolves? If someone would have warned you, you would have rescheduled the event far from the full moon! Now the bride’s veil is ruined, but… we kind of like its new look!Design & DetailsThis beautiful tulle veil comes in one size and uses flowers and blood splatter to create an elegant appeal with a gory twist. Fresh-looking blood spatter covers the fabric, making this pair perfect for a range of spooky events! Whether you’re dressing up as an undead prom queen, a final girl, or a socialite with sadistic habits, this Bloody White Bridal Veil will kick it up a notch.

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