Boy’s William Shakespeare Costume


Wearing this Boy’s William Shakespeare Costume, will make him feel like he can write a true masterpiece and live out his theatrical dreams. It is perfect match for Halloween, or any school production!

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A Tiny GeniusWhen your little one was really little, did he tend to enunciate their issues with surprising skill? While other babies would scream their lungs empty, yours gave a dramatic pose and proclaimed, “In sooth, I know not why I am so sad!” A few years later, his mastery over the vernacular only grew greater. At bedtime, he reluctantly admitted, “Hung be the heavens with black, yield day to night.” And that’s only the stuff he came up with during his historic period!There may be times that you get a little jealous of the fame of your little playwright. And you might even get a bit intimidated when that wunderkind starts trying to set his own rules about bedtime and which snacks are acceptable for an aspiring author’s diet. But, don’t worry. We’ve got you! All your child needs is a focus for his creativity and, soon, you’ll be channeling his witty mind into starting up the next Renaissance! All he needs is the right look…Design & DetailsCostuming is critical for putting on the right play. (Or for enjoying the perfect Halloween.) That’s why our Made by Us design team has put together this exclusive Kids’ William Shakespeare costume. Your child will love the Renaissance transformation from head to toe. The jacket is styled after the famous English bard and the matching pants have just enough of a billow in the short legs. A pair of shoe buckles keeps your kiddo’s look classical, too. The crowning feature is the bigger-than-life wig and the beautiful British mustache. A Kid by Any Other NameYour child is going to love reciting all of his sonnets in this William Shakespeare costume for boys. Whether going for a Renaissance look for a high-brow costume, he’ll be stealing the stage from morning until “hung be the heavens with black” and the day yields to night!

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