The Toddler Elephant Bubble Costume


Become the biggest land animal on earth with the Toddler Elephant Bubble Costume. Turn your little one into a giant of the savanna with this costume.

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Zookeeping Made EasyIf you ran a zoo, what would be the number 1 most important animal that you’d want to keep? There are lots to choose from. No two animals are the same in what they need to be kept happy and healthy. It’ll be a tough decision to decide which animal you’ll add to your zoo first. Or, maybe not. It seems you’ve already chosen… elephants? A memorable choice, indeed! You’ll need lots of space for them to march and play. They’ll probably want a friend or 2 as well. Lots of grasses and leafy greens will be needed to feed them—no peanuts, it turns out they don’t actually like them. You’ll want to make sure they have a few favorite toys around too. Maybe somewhere cozy to take a nap. Come to think about it, this sounds a lot like keeping a toddler well cared for (different diet, but…).Oh? You saw the similarities already? We see you live with a toddler. Alright, well maybe instead of opening a new zoo we just help you keep a little elephant around then? They might not be less work, but at least they’re smaller!Product DetailsSkip the adoption waiting-list for elephants and get your little one outfitted in this Elephant Bubble Costume. Dressed in the super-soft faux fur bodysuit your toddler will look as sweet as a baby elephant. The hood features a sewn-on trunk and large, stuffed ears that will have your toddler ready to take flight if the mood strikes. And the fiber-filled costume will keep your little pachyderm warm but offers room to fit extra layers underneath just in case the season isn’t fit for a warm-weather mammal.Have Ele-FunAs great as having a pet elephant sounds, it’s a much better choice to leave their care to the professionals. Instead, have your toddler adopt their likeness with this Elephant Bubble Costume. They’ll have the time of their life marching like an elephant and practicing their trumpet noises and you’ll only have the general maintenance of human children to worry about.

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