Adult Penguin Mascot Costume


Become your favorite frozen bird when you wear the Adult Penguin Mascot Costume. Show up to your party with the fun and freedom of being a penguin. You will be able to have lots of adventures.

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A Black Tie Affair Greetings and welcome to the frozen iceberg. We’re happy to welcome you to the bottom of the world. As you may have noticed, the annual South Pole Sock Hop is now in full swing. All the creatures who live in the cold climate temporarily put aside their differences to cavort and generally have a good time. You’ll notice that the killer whales are ignoring the duties that their fearsome name suggests and are happily playing tag with the leopard seals. If you get hungry, there’s fresh chilled krill, which is always delicious, or a few of these – what? No, the sock hop doesn’t have a black tie dress code. Why do you ask? Oh, the penguins. They’re just overachievers. They always have to dress in tuxedos no matter what the occasion. Product Details Everyone will clap their flippers when you show up to the party dressed as the world’s favorite flightless bird! This exclusive Penguin Mascot Adult Costume consists of a full-length jumpsuit and orange slippers shaped like penguin feet. It’s made of soft, microfiber fabric: White on the front of the chest and the legs, and black on the arms and the back of the jumpsuit. The full-head mask features a penguin’s cheerful experession and the eyes are mesh-covered so you can (sort of) watch where you’re waddling. Cuddly ButlersThat’s exactly what penguins look like. You know we’re right! Fortunately, they seem to have a sense of humor along with their great sense of style. Penguins are always great party guests! 

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