Grumpy Bear Soft Headband


This Grumpy Bear Soft Headband is blue to reflect how you’ll be feeling if pesky humans ask you to dance a rainbow with them one more time. Luckily this should make them leave you alone.

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Ahead of the GameAll Care Bears have their own unique talents that they add to the cloudy field of Care-a-Lot. Usually, it comes down to the magical mischief they can unleash. Everything from granting wishes to communing with the local animals and discovering the low-down on what’s going down on Earth. But there’s one bear who is occasionally overlooked for the might of his brain… and you could say that it sometimes makes him a little ill-tempered. If you’ve got a power-house brain with a knack for engineering wonders or executive action, you and Grumpy Bear might be on the same wavelength! Design & Details Top off any look with the iconic snoot of Grumpy Bear with this Soft Grumpy Bear Headband. Bring the fun of Care Bears wherever you go when you rest the soft face of everyone’s favorite bear atop your head. It fits comfortably thanks to a plastic headband and the soft, stuffed snout and ears are sure to add a cartoonish quality to any outfit you’re sporting. (Of course, we’re not sure it will include the know-how to build a cloud car, but we’re sure you’re fully capable of that already!)

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