The Haunted Ghost Costume


Have you ever seen a ghost? No? You might feel like you’ve seen a real one after seeing this Haunted Ghost Costume. Now, how a ghost haunts itself I have no idea, but we’ll think about that tomorrow.

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Some things are classics for a reason. Take the traditional ghost costume, for instance. It may seem silly these days, but the simple image of a blank white sheet with just a couple of eye holes has endured in our memory for many years. Perhaps it’s the sheer simplicity of the look – no shock value, no gore or blood, just a creepy figure in white floating above the floor. There many cases where keeping things basic is more effective than getting fancy. Even if you scoff at the effectiveness of that kind of retro-ghosting, we’re willing to bet that you’d be singing a different tune if you encountered a sheet-draped specter on a darkened country road.That isn’t to say there isn’t always room for improvement, though. Even the standby bedsheet ghost costume could benefit from some clever updating, so long as the concept remains appropriately low-key. Give it some more body, maybe add some texture and easy-moving design and you might just have a look that combines the classic spookiness of an old-school ghost with modern concepts in creepiness.This haunting, haunted polyester ghost costume brings a familiar style into scary new territory. A long white dress is covered by a billowing white robe whose sheer mesh fabric shimmers and flows, draping your body with spirited style. Pull the hood up over your head and lace up the tie-front for an extra dose of mysterious menace. It’s just the right mix of old and new to make conversations take an uncomfortable pause as soon as you glide into the room.

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