Adult Crow Mascot Costume


Show up to whatever party you are going to or hosting with the Adult Crow Mascot Costume. Become the bird that is feared and scavenge for whatever you can find.

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The Baddest Bird Around You gotta think outside the box when it comes to a good Halloween costume. One day in early October, you and your friends were sitting around a table talking about what they were going to dress up as for the holiday party – while they were each claiming Chucky, Freddy Voorhees, Michael Myers, Annabelle, Freddy Krueger, Ghost Face, and Dracula, you might have felt as though all of the best scary costumes were taken. All of those killers are good choices for outfits, but sometimes the most terrifying things are the ones we don’t expect. Think of it this way: we always view birds as sweet and cute feathery chirpers who fill the world with song. What if they were vicious attackers a la Alfred Hitchcock’s famous movie? Or what if they were HUGE, with sharp-looking beaks? Yikes, right?Product DetailsPlay it fun or frightening for Halloween this year when you wear your exclusive Crow Mascot Adult Costume! The one-piece jumpsuit is made of soft, shaggy black long pile faux fur to simulate crow feathers and has slippers shaped like crow feet that have anti-skid material on the outer soles. The ends of the wings push back if you need to use your human hands. A stuffed tail that looks like three giant feathers is attached to the jumpsuit’s seat. The hood has viewing ports and a crow’s beak that opens and closes. Bird Power Whether you’re showing your love of your feathered friends or trying to terrify your fellow humans, this is the costume for you! But please do not attack Bodega Bay. 

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