Women’s Plus Size Gothic Girl Costume Dress


Make a statement this Halloween season with this Women’s Plus Size Gothic Girl Costume. This costume includes a black dress that has a white collar. Complete your look with other Gothic items.

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A Distressing DameWe all love to imagine ourselves playing different roles in life. Many young children dream about being princesses, for different reasons. Some of them want to live in a castle, others want animal companions, and some just want to be in charge of things. Still others love the idea of being a damsel in distress. You get to wear a colorful, frilly gown, and be swept off into the sunset by the love of your life! For some, that sounds thrilling, but for others, it sounds nauseating. However, there are other roles to play. You could be the one busting in on horseback and doing the saving! But also, for a damsel to be in distress, there must be something or someone causing it. It could be an evil monarch, a monster, or any kind of meanie. Maybe that’s more of the role you’ve always dreamed of.Product DetailsIf you like to be the one causing the chaos rather than being saved from it, this gothic girl costume is for you! It’s made of polyester velvet to give it that luxurious feel, and really, when can you ever go wrong with a nice black dress? Pair it with some white socks and strappy shoes to give it that classic look, or add whatever accessories you want to maximize your destructive power! Add some black lipstick and you’ll be delivering the kiss of death in no time.Not-So-Lovely LadyWhile princesses certainly can have a good time, and end up getting a lot of attention, they’re not the only kind of role model we can have. If your motive is to be the cause of distress, this gothic girl costume is for you! Now you can wreak havoc while wearing a gorgeous dress that’s as dark as your heart.

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