Teen Warrior Knight Costume


Save the castle from invaders this Halloween with the Teen Warrior Knight Costume! Show you have the courage of a warrior with the Teen Warrior Knight Costume!

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As a princess in a faraway kingdom, you have a lot on your plate. You’ve got to learn proper court etiquette, practice ridiculously complicated social dances and prepare to take over once your father isn’t able to rule anymore. You’ve got to help negotiate precarious peace treaties with rival kingdoms while politely declining offers of marriage from every suitable bachelor in the tri-kingdom area. And now, on top of all that, you’ve got to deal with a dragon that is running amok across your countryside, burning villages and devouring sheep like marshmallows. Your father already sent out three of his best knights to slay the dragon, and they returned like tin-can French fries. Your people are growing desperate.You’ll just have to take care of the problem yourself.After all, you ride better than your father. You’re a crack shot with a bow and arrow. You’ve been trained in weapons and fighting. You don’t need a man to defend you. You’re no damsel in distress. You’re a damsel who’s about to cause that dragon some distress of its own.Before you ride out on your noble steed, though, you’d better suit up. We suggest our Teen Warrior Knight Costume to ensure maximum protection while allowing for best range of movement under fire. The pleated dress has sequined trim and shiny armor over the front, along with your royal crest right in the center. The black cape, trimmed with faux fur, comes with a hood and offers added protection to duck underneath during an attack. There are also black boot covers to protect your legs from the dragon’s tail. So hurry up and put on our Teen Warrior Knight Costume, and you’ll be slaying dragons in no time!

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