Minion Dress Costume for Kids


Dress your little one up this Halloween season in this Kids Minion Dress Costume. This costume resembles the look of the Minions from the movie Despicable Me. Top the look off with the head piece.

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Bad to the Bone Attention! Do you long to serve the evillest villain in history as his trusted henchmen? Do you think fart jokes and fart guns are equally hilarious? Do you enjoy firing missile launchers and other high-tech weaponry? Oh right, you probably don’t have much access to those right now. Well, would you like to try firing a missile launcher? If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations! You are clearly a Minion at heart! Step into your true destiny and prepare to steal ancient pyramids, shrink the moon, and save the Queen of England. The possibilities are endless! Product DetailsJoin the cutest team of evildoers in history when you wear this Kid’s Minion Dress Costume! The knee-length dress is designed to look like the Minions’ denim uniform overalls, but it’s much better for twirling. The overall graphics on the top show straps, buttons, and a little pocket with Gru’s logo. A tiny teddy bear peeks out of the pocket. The yellow “shirt” has a rounded neckline and shiny sleeves. A matching yellow hat has attached Minion goggles that you can pull down over your head and still see where you’re going. Fart gun not included. It’s Good to Be Bad Kevin, Stuart and Bob are so pleased to welcome you into their motley crew of mischief makers. They’ll help you through orientation, show you to your personal cubby deep in Gru’s underground fortress, and point you toward the break room which is always stocked with the fresh bananas. Prepare to have a blast – literally! 

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