Women’s Sexy Ref Bodysuit Costume


Who would have thought the referee would be the star of the game? All eyes will be on you in the Women’s Sexy Ref Bodysuit Costume. This costume would pair well with heels and athletic socks.

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Whistle BlowerSometimes people just need someone around to call them out. Like, yeah Murphy, you’re not allowed to double-dip your chip, pop-culture covered that on Seinfeld more than twenty years ago! But when party guests are flagrantly disregarding social norms, who’s going to call them out? If you’re just wearing your street clothes, your authority might not be recognized. Calling out party fouls is where this Sexy Ref Bodysuit Costume comes in. You’ll not only feel the power to call out Janice for lingering on her phone while the rest of the party carries the conversation, but you’ll feel fabulous when you blow that ever-important party whistle. Forget about chips, dip, and drinks, your authoritative presence is now the most important party staple!Product Details & DesignThis one-piece bodysuit is simple to slip on but looks far from basic! Woven with spandex throughout, there’s a comfortable amount of stretch, letting the bodysuit mold to your unique figure. High cut hips give this referee uniform a retro edge and it’s cinched with a faux leather belt around the waist making the cut flattering as well as fashionable. A pair of cut-off gloves and a cute little collar polishes this look off, making you ready for game day!The Whole Nine YardsWhile you may have found one of the most fabulous sports costumes out there, you don’t have to stop now! The character of The Ref is all about the little accessories, top off this costume with a whistle, eye black stickers, and athletic knee socks. Just remember the world is relying on you to enforce the rules of the social game. So if you see Jerry getting outta hand, go ahead and blow that whistle. You’ve got the authority to throw down official red flags and if that’s not a power every party needs, we don’t know what is!

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