Monster Dog Costume for Kids


Does your kid ever remind you of a rabid dog? This Kid’s Monster Dog Costume is perfect for you. It’ll scare everyone and you shouldn’t have to pick up any droppings.

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Not-So-CuddlyOh, good! Your child wants to dress up like a puppy dog this year! Of course, that means an extra-soft, ultra-cuddly costume so you can snuggle up with your—oh, what’s that? Your child doesn’t WANT to be cute this year? They’re looking for something more along the lines of a terrifying hound from the underworld? They want to be the kind of dog that you’d imagine terrorizing the neighborhood?Well, kids eventually get older and that’s when they start craving the scary costumes. The good news is that we have frightening outfits for any kid, including this Kid’s Monster Dog Costume. Far from cute and cuddly, it turns your child into the kind of rabid beast you’d find in a classic horror film!Product DetailsThis kid’s costume will have you thinking differently about puppy costumes! The freaky outfit starts with a dark brown jumpsuit that’s made out of rather soft material. It features elastic bands around the wrists and ankles to help provide a comfortable and cozy fit. Hey, just because your child plans on being a killer hound from the underworld doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice comfort in the process! The mask is really the piece that turns this into one frightening costume! It’s molded to look like a vicious dog’s face. It has glaring red eyes, a mouth full of sharp teeth (and even some fake slobber). It also has a spiked collar molded around the bottom of the neck. The chain adds the finishing touch, making it look like your child has broken loose from his chains!The New TerrorIf your child is tired of playing the “cute” role this year, then introduce them to scary! This easy costume turns the classic puppy dog costume into something that will have everyone terrified!

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