Winter Hat – White Supreme Dalek Knitted


We love that there are so many ways to be a Doctor Who nerd these days. This White Supreme Dalek Knitted Winter Hat is another cool way!

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Exterminate Those Chilly DaysWinter is coming. This season will wipe out just about every living plant. If you’re not careful it may exterminate you too. One species that knows a whole lot about extermination is the Dalek race, from the beloved Science Fiction series Dr. Who. They have the goal of exterminating everything they see as inferior. So assuming that this species is an expert in extermination, one could also assume they know a thing or two about surviving. What better way is there to fight back against winter than with the help of the supreme Daleks. This knitted winter hat is designed to resemble a Dalek. Not only will you feel much warmer, but you will also feel a sense of superiority that you have never felt before. Just don’t let it go to your head. Remember, the Dalek race is seen as an antagonist throughout the series. Their philosophy of “exterminating all inferior life forms” isn’t exactly a good thing.Product DetailsThis officially licensed winter hat has a layered cuff with knitted details all around it. A Dalek eye is embroidered on the front center of the beanie. At the top of the hat are two knitted bulbs, which represent Luminosity Dischargers.

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