Hufflepuff Knit Brim Cap


Wear this stylish yellow Knit Brim Cap with the Hufflepuff logo on the side to represent the Hufflepuff house at Hogwarts.

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Simple, Stylish SolutionIt’s simple. You have a lot to do. You’re also very loyal to your Hogwarts house. And it’s kind of cold outside. All of that combined creates a need for wardrobe accessories that aren’t fussy and fit your style. We know you’re not worried. Hufflepuffs stay relaxed without much difficulty. But you’re also here, so we know you’re looking for the solution to your need. You’ve found it with this Hufflepuff Knit Brim Cap!Product DetailsGo out into the world and show them the best a Hufflepuff has to offer! From your work ethic to your loyalty, this officially licensed hat can do just that! Knit in a vibrant yellow with a black heathered stripe around the middle, people will immediately see your taste in fashion. Meanwhile, the hat’s no-nonsense shape lets you easily focus on whatever the day has in front of you with a sun-blocking brim and ear-covering length. Then, to remind everyone where you fine-tuned your determination and kindness, a stylized Hufflepuff crest is embroidered to the side of the hat.Hufflepuff HelpWhether you’re facing a busy day toiling outside or planning to spend a well-earned day on the town with friends, this stylish Hufflepuff cap has you covered. Show your Hufflepuff pride and focus on what’s important with this one easy accessory!

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