Sunburst Hatter Heartfelted Costume Hat


Bring home this really fun and tall hat. The Sunburst Hatter Heartfelted Costume Hat Accessory is a bright sort of rustic color and is really tall too!

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Here Comes the SunBe a constant reminder of beautiful sunrises and sunsets when you toss on this Sunburst Hatter Hat from the Heartfelted collection. It is hand-made and an excellent addition to any hatter’s assortment of various headpieces. If you want to go bonkers and throw a wild tea party this Halloween this will be the perfect hat to do so in. You can also just make it a part of your everyday apparel and be a bright reminder of sunny days when the weather outside gets a tad bit gloomy.Details and DesignThis mad hat is mainly made up of wool but also has a meld of various silks the peak out from behind the radiant orange. It stands roughly 12.5 inches high from top to bottom and the brim has a circumference of 11 inches. The hat is made in one size that should fit just about anyone.A Hat to Fall ForThe beautiful fall colors don’t just belong on the trees anymore. Now you can bring those lively and lovely colors everywhere you go when you toss on this Sunburst Hatter Hat. You’ll be a wonderful reminder of those lovely sunsets on an autumn day as you enter the room with this vibrant hat on your head.

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