Adult Red Jumpsuit


This Adult Red Jumpsuit isn’t a lot by itself but we know you’ll know exactly how to use it to it’s full potential. I would use it as a base for a Devil costume but there are options.

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Make a Statement Fashion experts are always telling us that our clothes say something about who we are! If you’re wearing lots of athletic garb, you probably enjoy hitting the gym (or are hoping that your outfit will finally motivate you to go. We’ve all done that, right? It’s not just us?) If you’re wearing black with white face paint, you’re probably planning to give that mime career a shot. And if you’re wearing a Captain Kirk mask inside out…um, we’re just going to keep our distance, thanks. Anyway, it’s good to make a statement, but it’s also good to have some clothes that can be anything you want! Just a pair of devils horns or a stick-on number can transform you from a devil to a prisoner and back. The possibilities are endless!Product DetailsBe whatever you want to be, just like your high school teacher said! This Red Jumpsuit for Adults is ambiguous in the best possible way, allowing you to customize and accessorize to your heart’s content.  The one-piece polyester jumpsuit zips up the center front, allowing you to get dressed easily, and has elastic in the ankles. An attached hood and a zippered chest pocket gives it just enough character while keeping that blank-canvas quality. Presto, Change-O! Can’t decide what to be for Halloween this year? Why not get this jumpsuit and decide on the day of what you most feel like being? There’s no fear of commitment when you can commit to being anything you want! 

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