Killer Clown Costume for Pets


You can have an adorable furry friend who scares people with this Killer Clown Pet Costume. Being cute never looked this sinister.

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Man’s Best ClownOkay, this outfit is super conflicting. On one hand, clowns are scary. In stories, their cheery and silly demeanors are often used to hide more sinister thoughts and feelings. There’s a reason so many horror movies have clowns in them! On the other hand, dogs are the best. They are some of our closest companions. Our canine friends love us unconditionally and raise our spirits. We especially love our dogs’ quirks and behaviors! They provide lots of laughter and lasting memories. So what do we do when a scary thing and a lovable thing combine into one? We’ll let you decide how you feel about this Killer Clown Pet Costume!Product DetailsThis black and white costume turns your dog’s front into a tiny clown. One side is striped, while the other has polka dots. Simply place your pup’s front legs throught the pants part of the outfit; the arms are stuffed to hang on their own, no limbs required. A tulle collar helps to hide the fastener around your dog’s neck. The little clown hat has elastic to secure it under their chin. A Killer LookWell, we’ve made up our minds. Even in a clown costume, dogs are still cute. In fact, they somehow look even cuter! Dogs are seriously magical, in our opinion. Let your pooch alarm and delight your neighbors and friends in this funny yet creepy outfit! They will love you just the same, especially if you slip them a few treats.

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