Adult Plus Size Green Furry Jumpsuit


Who doesn’t need a fuzzy green monster costume in their closet? Bring all those storybook creatures to life, with our Adult Plus Size Green Furry Jumpsuit.

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An Extrovert’s Dilemma Once upon a time, there was an adorable green monster that traveled from town to town, looking to make a host of new friends. It was pretty delightful. Knew all the best Dad Jokes and had a ton of other unique party skills. Juggling? Well, that was an easy trick thanks to the monster’s furry paws. Magic tricks to turn invisible? Naturally, the monster’s green fur made blending into the environment a snap! Unfortunately, the monster had some struggles with its conversational skills. Who would have guessed that a bit of monstrous growling didn’t always feel like a hello!? Things went pretty rough for a while. The green monster rushed up to a new friend, blurting out awkward things and found that folks tended to scream out and run away! “What’s going on!?” the monster thought. Try as the monster might, all its efforts just kept going wrong! Flashing a big smile only revealed its spooky teeth. Taking a nice shower to wash off the monster smell only made it look like a swampy thing! (And then it was all poofy later!) Fortunately, Halloween brings friends for creatures of all shapes and sizes. It was time for some serious fun! Design & DetailsGet ready to let your monster side out with this Plus-Size Green Furry Jumpsuit costume! You’ll slip your feet and arms into this comfy jumper and instantly transform into the cuddliest green creature that anyone has ever seen. Pull up the hood and slip on the mitts to complete your monstrous metamorphosis. Accentuate the look further with green face paint, quirky glasses, a pair of antennae, or whatever else your monster heart desires! An Introvert’s DisguiseNot only can an extroverted monster feel like they belong in Halloween, but an introvert can feel just as secure thanks to the comfy protection granted by this Green Furry Jumpsuit. (Just remember to roar when you need people to run off!) 

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