Minecraft Enchanted Pickaxe


This Minecraft Enchanted Pickaxe goes great with any bricky block type costume. You shouldn’t be there because now you’re square. Now you need an Enchanted Hammer to go with it…

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Just What You NeedWouldn’t it be amazing if you could magic ordinary, everyday objects into doing whatever you want? You could bespell your book into saving your place, or your microwave into not making your food so hot that it burns your mouth like lava. That’s why the famous Minecraft axe is so great: You can add extra enchantments to make your work easier! Product DetailsThis officially licensed Minecraft Enchanted Pickaxe Accessory will enchant your Minecraft costume into looking extra fantastic! The molded plastic pickaxe is has a sixteen-inch brown shaft and a twelve-inch curved purple blade. It’s made to look like several small squares fitted together, giving it a pixellated appearance. Enchantments not included. Time to Mine What kinds of ores and stones will you discover today? Will you stumble across gold, or will your digging disturb a Creeper? Either way, it’s a good thing you have your trusty pickaxe! 

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