Plus Size Fiery Queen Costume


This Plus Size Fiery Queen Costume will have you feeling fierce and powerful this Halloween. It’s exclusively made with high quality fabrics to ensure comfort and style during your parties this year!

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Rule the Skies You’re not the usual kind of queen, who’s stuck in a drawing room or a throne room all day. You’re the leader of a fierce and formidable band of dragons! That means that you’re going to need a unique kind of royal outfit, because a long train and a heavy set of jewels will just get in your way when you’re trying to fly. Showing off a fancy style is fun, but not when you’re flying through the air. Have you ever heard of putting a sidesaddle on a dragon? Product DetailsImpress your subjects and terrify your enemies in your Plus Size Fierce Queen Women’s Costume! The exclusive outfit includes a mock-wrap style dress made of blue fabric that reaches a high point in the middle of the front and back, and extends to your ankles at each side. A deep V neckline and a cutout back give it flair. Tie the hooded cape around your neck to complete your look: High altitudes can get chilly! Beautiful and Bold All hail the queen! Even if not everyone is excited about you gaining the throne, you’re sure to win them over with your bravery and fierce determination (not to mention your fantastic wardrobe choices). Otherwise, they’re welcome to find themselves another country to live in! If they’re not happy with their options, they can take it up with your friends the dragons. This dress will suit your fantasy costume needs and let you tell your own story about your incredible adventures! 

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