Ravenclaw Harry Potter Classic Necktie


Your costume would not be complete without this Harry Potter Ravenclaw Classic Necktie. This satin tie is blue all over with light blue striping on it. Accessorize your costume perfectly with this tie.

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Repping RavenclawYou have read every Harry Potter installment (including all of the offshoots) several times through, you have watched each holiday movie marathon, and you have sat front and center at the Broadway production. You aren’t a Harry Potter fan, you are the Harry Potter fan. And after taking every sorting quiz and a long visit to the Wizarding World in person, you’ve discovered your true heart — you are a Ravenclaw! Congrats. So this year for Halloween you’re setting aside the known characters and instead, stepping right into the action by decking yourself out in a Ravenclaw uniform and gearing up for your appearance at Hogwarts. This Harry Potter Ravenclaw Classic Necktie is an officially licensed and important addition to your authentic look, so you can feel part of the magical world you love so much this Halloween.Design & DetailsThis piece looks like it comes straight out of the Hogwarts Ravenclaw common room. How cool! It is a classic necktie style with a blue base and brighter blue diagonal stripes. The Ravenclaw crest is embroidered a the bottom. It’s a good thing you have the power of magic on your side — tying a tie can be pretty tricky.

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