Witch Bathroom Decoration Cover


Apparently witches use the restroom too. Even if they are incredible dirty and disgusting, the witch not the restroom. This Witch Bathroom Decoration Cover will add the finishing touches to your spooky decor.

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When it comes to taking snapshots of your friends when you’re having a good time, everyone tries to catch a pic or video of you at your most embarrassing moments. Maybe it’s when you’re making a silly face just before the camera flashes, or that time you’re singing your heart out in the shower to your favorite tunes. Before long that picture of you with a zombie face is up on the wall, and your American Idol audition has been posted on Youtube for everyone to admire. It turns out that witches like to pull off these practical jokes just as much as we do. Here’s a nice big snapshot of one poor witch at her most vulnerable to place up on your bathroom door at your next Halloween party. Your guests won’t know what to do first; apologize for barging in, or run screaming in terror so they won’t be turned into a newt!

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