Nightmare Before Christmas Classic Oogie Boogie Costume


This costume is scary fun! Spook out your friends in the Nightmare Before Christmas Classic Toddler Oogie Boogie costume.

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Hey, monster under the bed, who’s afraid now?It can be frustrating to be a little kid. Everything is a little bit spooky. Do you remember that feeling? Yes, it can be maddening when your child runs to your bed in the middle of the night but think about what it took to get there. They had to dive off their bed, avoiding the dark gap between their mattress and the floor that housed the monster that had plaguing them all night. When is the last time you faced something that scared you so much? And yes, there are ways to deal with these nighttime fears. You can make them avoid all the scary parts of life but what kind of fun is that? Here’s another way to deal. Watch The Nightmare Before Christmas and then put your child in a costume that represents the scariest monster in the entire film. And put take that monster under the bed down a few notches!Product DetailsWhile Oogie Boogie is pretty scary, this costume is pretty cute. The jumpsuit is oversized and in a burlap pattern with stitches up the sides of the sleeves. The head has a large mouth so that your child can see and breath easily. The top is flopped over and has the enigmatic eyes from the character in the movie. And luckily for everyone involved, the inside of the costume includes absolutely no bugs. Not a GambleWhen it comes to choosing a Halloween costume, it can be tricky to find a look that’s both fun and spooky. The Oogie Boogie man treads that line perfectly. Want to take it to the next level? The whole family can dress up as Nightmare Before Christmas characters. Invite Jack, Sally, and even Locke, Shock, and Barrel to create a group costume that no one will forget!

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