Child Ride A Camel Costume


This Child Ride A Camel Costume is the best way for your child to become an Arabian prince. After all, he’s got a lot of miles to traverse so you might as well make sure he has a camel, right?

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Product DetailsYour little guy or girl can become an Arabian prince or princess of the desert traveling on this rare steed. Traveling to exotic lands to discover treasures and hidden jewels. Maybe the adventure is closer to home while participating in a nativity scene. Either way the Child Ride A Camel Costume is a fantastic way of riding around new lands! Travel into your imagination on the back of a camel! The best part about this kind of camel is you don’t even have to feed him!The child’s legs go into the camel’s hind legs, so it looks like the camel is walking. The Child Ride A Camel Costume also has elastic shoulder straps to hold the bull’s body in place. The fabric is 100 percent polyester with fiber filling for stuffing in the body, legs, and head. Hug the camel away it will keep its shape. Just add a robe, a dress, or whatever costume accessories to ride your camel. Make it part of a nativity scene, or a Halloween costume. Ride your camel off into the sunset, and play creatively with the desert creature!

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