Silver Beaded Headpiece


There is no such thing as too much sparkle when it comes to dressing like a flapper! Get this Silver Beaded Headpiece to accessorize any flapper dress and you sure will take fellow party attendees’ breath away.

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What’s the Password?So, what is a flapper gal like yourself gonna do when she gets to the speakeasy? Well, you won’t be doing much of anything at all if you don’t get past the doorman! Sure, most folks gain admission by giving the secret passcode at the door. But don’t worry if you’re not looped in quite yet. We’re sure the bouncer will give you a pass, so long as you have the look of a flapper who knows how to be a star on the dance floor. Make sure your costume is on point, and you’ll be doing the Charleston before you know it!Picking out a perfect flapper costume is key, obviously, but it’s also going to be super-important to customize and finish your costume’s look with just the right accessories. And we’ve got another great choice right here with this Silver Beaded Headpiece! This sparkly accessory is sure to add just the right amount of glitz and glamor to your costume fun. Featuring silver plastic beads that hang down the side of your head and over the back of the neck, the headpiece’s bead strings will sway as you bob and dance to the jazz tunes, which is sure to add some allure to your dance routine.

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