Women’s Crimson Robe Adult Costume


This Women’s Crimson Robe Adult Costume is the perfect way to complete a costume this year on Halloween, whether you’re going as a demon, a devil, or a witch.

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Always GorgeousLots of costumes give you one really great look. Throw on a pointed, wide-brimmed hat and everyone knows you’re a witch. Wear an orange-and-black-striped bodysuit and it’s obvious that you’re going for tiger vibes. Sometimes, though, you don’t want to be put in a box. In those instances, you need a costume that fulfill multiple purposes! Maybe one day you want to be a sizzling vampire vixen, but the next day you want to be a medieval court lady who captures the heart of the prince with her sultry charms. The third day, you might want to be a fairy tale heroine who doesn’t wait for a woodsman to slay a werewolf. With the right costume, you’re only limited by your imagination! Product DetailsNo matter who you want to be, you’ll always be stunning in this beautiful Crimson Robe Adult Women’s Costume! This stunning dress is made of soft, velvety material in a rich red color. The skirt swishes deliciously when you saunter into a room, and long bell sleeves make a huge impact when you gesture dramatically. Lace-up detail on the body guarantees a flattering silhouette every time. Pull up the attached hood to obscure your lovely features – you’ll have everyone at the party wondering “Who’s THAT princess?” Crimson Cutie Can’t decide what you want to be for Halloween? No problem! Don your lovely Renaissance-style gown and let your mood determine how you choose to style yourself. Whatever purpose you want this robe to play, one thing is certain – the effect will be stunning! 

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