Girls Gangster Costume


Turn your child into a high-rolling mob boss when you put them in this exclusive Girls Gangster Costume. This costume features a black pinstripe suit with a red flower on the lapel.

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They said a broad couldn’t make it in the gangster world. To them, we say, “Hey! What’s the beef?”!  You’ve always known your daughter had a little more edge to her. Even when she was running around the playground in pigtails and lace she seemed a little more hardboiled than the other kindergarteners. When she fell off the slide, she’d look around like someone pushed her. The whimper and tear firmly frozen in her sweet little eyes. She’s certainly not a bully but she’s never been a pushover.  So, when she asked you to be a gangster for her next costume party, how could you say no when it seemed so right! This ensemble is chic as well as intimidating. The pinstriped blazer and pants will make her look professional as she’s bootlegging banned soda pop into the school cafeteria. Someone this professional looking isn’t about to end up in the Big House (detention), she’ll be on the lam before those nasty coppers (teachers) catch her! With a black, collared Dickey and a red rose, she won’t have any problem collecting dough and keeping those fellow gangsters on the up and up.So, this Halloween, don’t be some wise guy, cutting corners. Set your little lady up with some threads for her new profession! This ensemble is exclusively designed with a straight leg cut, a curved hem jacket, and a proud collar. Pair it off with a chic fedora hat and she’ll be ready to roll. That’ll show those fella’s not to question a dame!

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