Authentic Hocus Pocus Mary Sanderson Costume for Women


Dress up as your favorite witch from the hit movie Hocus Pocus with this Authentic Hocus Pocus Mary Sanderson Costume for Women. This costume is officially licensed and is modeled after Mary’s witchy look.

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Potions and PosesWitchcraft is not an easy profession. Just take a look at some of the iconic spellcasters and the trouble they all find along their quests! It’s a pretty tough job. That’s why Disney’s Sanderson Sisters are a few steps ahead of the others. Not only do they work together, but they’ve got the distinctive sense for magic that really gets them on the magical road to success. Sure, Winifred is the brains of the operation and the true powerhouse of the team. And, yeah, Sarah definitely has her charms. But, if you ask us, it is Mary who has the real talent in the coven. She’s got a nose for the perfect potion recipe… not to mention the knack for sniffing out troublemaking kiddos who like to snatch spell books!Design & DetailsIf you’re ready to be the sister who holds the whole group together, it’s time to whip up some magic in this officially licensed Mary Sanderson costume. Our own in-house design wizards studied Disney’s Hocus Pocus for a delightful number of hours to ensure we captured every eccentric inch of this iconic witch! The secret ingredient of this magical ensemble is layers. The skirt features maroon, houndstooth, and a lighter white layer and the apron shines thanks to its purple pockets!  Brick red, bright orange, and antique brass-colored chains create the corset and the rest of Mary’s mystique. Last, but not least, who needs a witch’s hat when you have Mary’s twisted wig to top off the look! Gather up your Sanderson sisters for a Disney’s Hocus Pocus group costume that will make you infamous for Halloween seasons to come.

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