Women’s Plus Size Swanky Flapper Costume


This women’s plus size swanky flapper costume is perfect for Halloween or your next 20s themed party. Available in sizes 1X through 4X. You’re sure to be best dressed!

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The roaring twenties, an epic era when women were cutting that long Victorian hair, snipping off their heavily boned corsets, and saying a not so fond fair well to the strict code of conduct that society had placed on them for ages. A time of beautiful shining Rolls-Royce cars, gorgeous art deco buildings, and lavish parties. For a decade that outlawed booze, these folks sure knew how to party!Maybe it’s the sneaking around that made those all night speakeasy dance parties so memorable through the ages. After all, we hardly have to walk down an alley and use a secret knock to get a cocktail these days… maybe that would make going out a little more exciting! But really, everything from the cocktails to the way women were wearing their hair contribute to the history of the era. Understated was not a popular look at this time, it was all about texture, sparkle, and movement, thus the obsession with fringe.So, fringe you say? This Swanky Flapper costume would go over quite well at a roaring twenties bash! Those flappers would flip over the awesome amount of fringe featured on both the hem and sleeves of this dress. Add a black boa and learn the Charleston and you’d be ready to jump into a time machine and become a part of that legendary era. Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or you’re attending a roaring twenties costume party, this costume is sure to be a hit. Hope you’re ready to shimmy, after all, you can’t let all that fringe go to waste!

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