Silurian Half EVA Mask


In Doctor Who’s universe, weird lizard-men are kind of the norm. This Silurian Half EVA Mask turns you into one of those.

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Turns out that Doctor Who wasn’t entirely original when they came up with an ancient race of lizard people ruling the world long ago. In fact, the Ancient Greeks had that thought long before anything resembling television came into existence, but The Doctor already knew that, didn’t he? Either way, we won’t hold it against them, because the Silurian’s were awesome to meet! If not for them, we wouldn’t have the great Madame Vastra running around, solving problems in the middle of Victorian London now, would we? It’s a story arc we hope will never die and a famous race right up there with the Ood and the Silence (Wait who?) Now we know that The Doctor left a couple ambassadors from the human race behind to help the Silurians when they wake up, but we believe that the best way would be easing them into our culture. That’s why we’ve worked with Torchwood to create these fantastic masks that look just like the ones our underground lizard neighbors wear. They’ll be much more comfortable seeing the same fashion sense on the surface world, and we will have awesome Halloween costume choices in the meantime!

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