Medusa Snake Accessory Kit


Dress up as your favorite mythological creature with this Medusa Snake Accessory Kit! Athena may have put a curse on you, but those snakes really suit you.

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Terrifying or Tempting? That dumb Poseidon. It’s all his fault that you’re in this pickle. You let him pick the meetup spot, but when the goddess Athena found the two of you using her private temple as a date rendezvous, did she blame the true perpetrator? Nooo. Which is why you now have snakes instead of hair. The new ‘do isn’t all bad, though. No one really expects you to blowdry, spray, or curl anymore so you can go with the natural (and we mean natural!) look. For another, it’s surprising how versatile snakes can be. You can go for the “sultry sorceress” vibe or play up the hissing to cultivate a horrifying persona. It’s your call! Product Details Your exclusive Medusa Snake Costume Accessory Kit contains everything you need to star as everyone’s favorite Gorgon. Simply style your hair as desired and clip in the three cute-but-creepy snakes. Voila! Serpentine yet sweet. Everyone will want the name of your hairdresser. Snaky SeductionNow that Poseidon is your ex, you can bet that other gods will be interested in your recent makeover. As they say, this look – and your escapades – will go down in hisss-tory!

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