Evil Sorceress Costume For Women


Cast a dark spell on your kingdom wearing our sexy, seductive Evil Sorceress Costume. Once upon a time is definitely now!

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Sorceresses aren’t just born wicked. Something had to happen to drive them toward the darker side of magic. Embrace the darkness in this Evil Sorceress Costume, and cast some spells of your own. When a magician decides to start down the path to more sinister powers, they have an opportunity to pick what kind of look they want going forward. It’s a pretty big decision, because it’s going to determine what kind of magic they will cast, and it’s hard to change it once that ancient, arcane energy starts flowing through them. They might choose to be an elegant but cold sorceress, who dazzles their victims with her beauty, or she might become an old crone, sacrificing her looks for even greater power. Whichever path she picks, she is going to be an amazing and terrible power to behold! If you picked the beautiful and dazzling path of darkness, you’re in luck, because the wardrobe options are much more exciting! This costume is the perfect outfit for the budding dark enchantress who wants to charm her subjects, and have them do her bidding willingly rather than through trickery. The black velvet gown looks very mystical, and the mesh draping from the sleeves is mesmerizing. The stand-up collar and matching style headband give the costume a menacing aura, fitting of a true master of the dark arts. This outfit will make you the perfect villain of a fairy tale group costume, or the center of attention as you write your own wicked storybook!

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