Scooby Doo Velma Toddler Costume


Looking to get your little crime fighter a fitting costume for trick or treating this Halloween? Look no further than the new and exclusive Scooby-Doo Toddler Velma Costume!

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Jinkies! A Clue!You can always tell when Velma is close to solving the case! You can hear the word “Jinkies!” uttered in the distance. That’s the very instant the Velma Dinkley has found an important clue… and since she’s the smartest member of the Mystery Machine crew, it’s often up to her to find the missing piece to any case. If your child is a smarty, always on the lookout for more clues, then she might just be ready to crack the case wearing this Scooby-Doo Velma Costume for toddlers!Design & DetailsNow, your little investigator can transform into the mystery-solving kid from Scooby-Doo! This Toddler Velma Costume brings your kid an easy-to-wear outfit that’s inspired by her attire from the classic cartoon series from Hannah Barbera. The outfit is officially licensed and starts with a bright orange, pullover-style, turtle neck shirt. It’s made out of a cotton and polyester blend material that stretches to fit. The matching orange socks also stretch to fit. The pleated red skirt fits with elastic in the waist, and the plastic frame glasses really bring the whole look together. When your child has it all on, they’ll be ready to tackle any puzzle that comes her way!More Velma Dinkley Costume IdeasNeed some more ideas to help get the most out of your child’s Velma costume? Don’t worry. We got you! If you want to capture the look seen in the picture, we recommend adding some red shoes (sold separately) to your child’s outfit. Another great way to accessorize this outfit is with a magnifying glass, since your child will need one to find all of the clues on her next mystery! And if you want to assemble the whole Scooby team, then just check out our full selection of exclusive Scooby-Doo costumes!

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