Plus Size Realistic Raccoon Costume


Whether you are roaming the woods or surfing the neighborhood to cause a little chaos, we think you will be ready to party either way in our Plus Size Realistic Raccoon Costume!

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Make Raccoons Great AgainBe everybody’s favorite furry friend this Halloween when you let out your inner trash-panda. You can easily transform into this beloved scavenger with the help of our exclusive Realistic Raccoon Costume.Then what? Do you go dumpster diving in hopes to find a scrumptious snack? Or maybe go cause some mischief around the town? You know, knocking over garbage cans, fighting local cats, and other typical raccoon activities… Mmmm. NOPE!How about you skip that. We understand that all of that sounds rather fun but we’ve got a better idea. Head out to the parties this Halloween and do your part in eliminating all those hurtful stereotypes against raccoons.Details & DesignFirst, you need to toss on the fuzzy gray jumpsuit. A furry black and gray ringed tail is attached to the back of it. There are no attached gloves or foot covers, so be sure to grab a set of our black gloves and a good pair of black shoes. Then you simply pop on the hood and the transformation is complete. The hood has all of this misunderstood mammal’s delightful features; the little ears, the masked eyes, and the cute little snout that ends with an adorable button nose.Stop the Raccoon HateGo around this Halloween and remind everybody just how lovable raccoons are. Silence all of those nasty rumors about these innocent creatures.Instead of walking through the door with a bag of junk, bring everybody’s favorite junk foods; the candies and chocolates, the gummies, and more. Don’t be rummaging through the garbage. Skip that and bust a move out on the dance floor. Don’t go looking for a fight with strays anymore, but rather make friends with all the cool cats you meet.Do all you can to make sure that everyone you meet knows just how amazing raccoons really are. They’ve had a bad rap for far too long now and it is up to you to help them overcome it!

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