Classic Scooby Doo Men’s Fred Costume


Dress up as the blonde stoic leader of the crew in this Men’s Classic Scooby Doo Fred Costume. Lead the mysteries and catch the villains with the traps you have made!

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What Catchphrase? Most members of the Mystery Gang have a catchphrase. Velma and Daphne are almost twins with “jinkies” and “jeepers,” respectively. Shaggy is constantly saying “zoinks!” as he sprints away from the latest villain. Scooby is fond of “ruh roh,” as well as crowing his own name. But Fred doesn’t have his own single word phrase. No one’s sure why, but Fred does suggest splitting the party a lot! Dress up as the Gang’s preppiest character with this Men’s Classic Scooby Doo Fred Costume.Product DetailsMade By Us, this adult Fred costume is simple but effective. Based on the original show’s character design, the look has blue pants and a white longsleeve shirt, which also has a blue collar sewn into the neckline to mimic Fred’s polo and sweater combo. But the most necessary item here is Fred’s bright orange ascot! Is Fred really Fred without his neckwear? That is up to fans to debate, but we definitely wanted to include it. Want Fred’s platinum blond hair? Check our website for the exclusive wig seen here!Some New AdviceMaybe DON’T split up the party, Fred! Grab some of your friends and get the whole gang together. With Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby on the case, no baddie is safe! Whether your friends are solving who ate the most candy or has the best dance moves, we think we can say “case closed” on your great costume taste. Share the love with your friends, because we’ve got plenty of Mystery Gang costumes!

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