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Be everyone’s favorite Director of the Park’s Department in our Parks and Recreation Ron Swanson Costume. This exclusive costume will be the hit of the party… that you host solely for yourself.

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A SIMPLE MANIt is possible that you came to this product because you were searching for some combination of a delicious meal. Perhaps you asked the Internet how to make the most delicious steak. Maybe you were curious of a quality brand of Scotch. You might even have come upon this if you were looking up particularly convincing phrases to help in winning an argument against a ‘cat person’ in trying to convince them that dogs were better. This is because these simple things all add up to only one person. Actually, the person in mind would argue that it adds up to all men everywhere and that he was, in fact, an incredibly simple man who merely liked breakfast food as much as all humans should. Meet Ron Swanson, a simple human who wants to avoid boring work and enjoys hunting, who knows the library is the source of pain and desires to craft all things he might use himself. We have something in common!DESIGN & DETAILSIf you are the type of person who sits back to watch Parks and Recreation and bursts out in a wide smile the minute Nick Offerman’s character appears, this is definitely a costume for you. Our in-house design team worked to replicate this glorious office look of Ron Swanson just for you. It is officially licensed and features a burgundy, long-sleeved shirt with a collared neck, ribbed sleeves, and the iconic argyle, diagonal stripes.MUSTACHE AND MEATWith this shirt in hand, all you’ll be needing to complete your Ron Swanson look are the right quotes to go along with the breakfast meat and mustache that adds up to this glorious specimen of a woodworking man from a fictional town in Indiana. (By the way, the dog quote? “Any dog under 50 pounds is a cat; and cats are useless.”) 

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