Ravenclaw Heathered Pom Beanie


Represent your house in style with the Ravenclaw Heathered Pom Beanie. Featuring a blue and white pom beanie with Ravenclaw house branding.

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Alma Mater Accessories When you are a part of House Ravenclaw, you must be prepared for anything. You might have some up-and-coming classmates looking to take your top spot. You worked hard for your quidditch cup, and you aren’t going to let some shrimp for Gryffindor take that away from you. Since you are a part of House Ravenclaw, you not only have to act the part, but you also have to dress the part. That’s why you should check out our Ravenclaw Heathered Warm Pom Beanie, exclusively made by us. We took what tips we could get from the tailors at Hogwarts, and we are pretty happy with the results, if we don’t say so ourselves. Don’t believe us? Once you get your hands on the acrylic fabric and see the attention to detail on the embroidered Ravenclaw patch on the front, you’ll drop a class for this Harry Potter accessory.FUN DetailsLuckily, you don’t have to miss class for our exclusive Ravenclaw Heathered Warm Pom Beanie. Great for a cold hockey game or when you have to travel via broomstick and want to help lower the wind resistance. We know you have a busy schedule ahead of you, so we won’t take much more of your time. We just hope you enjoy our officially licensed Ravenclaw Heathered Warm Pom Beanie, and happy studying!

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