Promotional Fox Costume


Are you feeling really sly and clever? If so then you need to become the animal that defines those words with this Promotional Fox Costume!

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Don’t worry. We won’t ask the obvious question. It would be crass and over done. The Internet has already assured that, if you’re looking here, that you’ve already heard the question and the various possible answers. You’ve probably heard it numerous times, so we won’t even address the question! Instead, you can focus entirely on other nuances of this tiny canine and its amazing features, all of which lead you to this page with questions and curiosities about this adorable red fox.So, the first thing to note is that the red fox doesn’t have to jump high into the air and leap face-down into giant piles of snow in order to hunt for little mice and other mammals hiding within the arctic plains. Have you seen how adorable that is? They look and look and wait with unbelievable patience. Then, they leap upwards, watching the quick tracks through the snow and plummet nose first and wander away with their victory. And that’s the arctic fox. The red fox is even smarter! We all know how smart foxes are, so even wondering how they’d answer a question is pointless. We couldn’t possibly understand the cunning lengths of a fox.So, you’re obviously sold. You want to take the form and look like a creature with the same bright brains as yourself and this Promotional Fox costume is unquestionably the way to go about it. The brown jumpsuit has a bright white belly, a back zipper for easy wear, and elastic at the waist, ankles, and neck for comfortable fit. Attached shoe covers keeps the image alive while the headpiece covers your entire head, providing mouth opening and mesh eye covering, and is soft-sculpted to feel and look amazing. So, you want to be a fox. We know it! What do you say?Crap. Yes. We see what we just did. … Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!

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