Raving Mad Hatter Women’s Costume


Give your next tea party some psychedelic flair when you wear this Raving Mad Hatter Women’s Costume.

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Mad StyleWonderland is a brand new scene. Alice’s waking life was set securely in the Victorian era with lace chocked corsets, perfect curls, and spotless gloves. But just a few bunny hops away, the scene down the rabbit hole was getting wild. Nothing is boring in this underworld.  Those buttoned-up Victorian morals? They simply don’t apply. The world is full of vibrant talking flowers, magical cookies that will change your size, and power enraged queens, they don’t have time for salad forks and fainting couches. And the fashion-forward leader of this kaleidoscopic kingdom? The Mad Hatter! The Mad Hatter has a crazy look with checkers, hearts, and vibrant colors.This is someone who knows how to rock a mad look. She’s shaking things up in this underground dreamworld. When you’re dressed in this Mad Hatter costume any party you hold will be a tea party that no one is ever going to forget. Product DetailsYou’ll feel like a mad boss in this gorgeous dress with its layered skirt with a purple peplum topper, diamond-patterned fabric, and a retro card pattern that matches the card patterned train. The velvet bodice has a diamond-patterned front inset panel with purple polka doted decorative buttons. The dress is topped with a purple-trimmed brown velvet shrug with attached card patterned bow tie that ties the whole ensemble together. Rocking WonderlandIt doesn’t take long to feel at home with the March Hare and the dormouse when you’re wearing a look as wild as this one! It’s perfect for Wonderland themed parties, performances, or a Halloween costume that you could wear solo or with a group. Pair up with Alice and the Queen of Hearts to make the most of this season’s whimsies. And for once, you can let your freak flag fly freely. After all, everyone knows that you all are mad down in Wonderland! 

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