Soccer Ball Plush Costume Hat


Show your love for soccer with the Soccer Ball Plush Costume Hat. It can adjust to make it fit just right! Whether you’re cheering for a team or going to a party this soccer hat is the perfect choice for soccer lovers!

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Style GoooooooooooalSo, you’re a soccer fan, huh? Uh, yeah, you can say that again. You eat, sleep, and breathe soccer (or football as it’s known the world ’round) and you want to make it clear. Whether you wear this Adjustable Soccer Ball Hat to a World Cup watch party, as part of a sports-themed Halloween group costume, or to your local pub to watch your favorite football club cinch a win, you’ll love displaying your love of the game prominently.Product DetailsThis fun novelty piece features a plush soccer ball atop a hat brim that’s topped in fake grass, with wire to hold its shape. The lined hat has a hook and loop closure for easy size adjustment, and the lining even has a pocket where your ID and credit card can safely travel with you downfield to the pub!Passing GameWe hear you have a strong passing game on the field, but don’t pass on this hat. Trust us, you’ll regret it more than that time you ate three hot dogs before sprints at practice. Grab the hat and wear your love of the game with pride! Just don’t wear it onto a soccer field. We wouldn’t want you to get kicked in the head and end your season early. 

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