Prestige Adult Cruella De Vil Costume


This Prestige Adult Cruella De Vil Costume is a fun licensed Disney 101 Dalmatians costume for adults.

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We don’t get it. We think people may have horribly misread Cruella De Vil. We know her name sounds horrific, but we think it is sweet that she wants to look like a cuddly Dalmatian. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Wait…she wanted to do WHAT to those precious puppies? Nope. No way. You guys were right. She is a demon. But what better day to be a little demonic than Halloween? If you adore cartoon icons and want to also be cozy this holiday, a costume with a coat is always a good option. Jump into the 101 Dalmatians movie as the wicked villain herself in this licensed Prestige Adult Cruella De Vil Costume from Disney! After all, you can be a good gal the other 364 days of the year. Give into your ghoulish side. We know you’re not REALLY someone who wants to hurt puppies. Right? Right???RIGHT! You just wanna dress like one. We can be cool with that. This look includes Cruella’s classic black dress and of course, her white, red-satin-lined, faux-fur-trimmed coat. Add black fishnet tights, shoes, and our black and white Cruella De Vil wig, and you’ll be ready to terrorize the town. Just do us a favor, OK? Go volunteer at the animal shelter the next day. It will restore some balance to the universe.

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