Pokemon Scorbunny Hooded Jumpsuit Classic Costume for Kids


Dress your child in this epic Pokemon Scorbunny Hooded Jumpsuit Classic Costume this Halloween season. This costume is styled as a jumpsuit and has Scorbunny’s face on the hood.

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Fiery RabbitWe often ask people which Pokemon is their favorite, but that’s kind of an unfair question. There are literally hundreds of creatures to choose from, so maybe we should try to narrow it down. What’s your favorite Fire-type Pokemon? That’s just slightly more manageable to answer, with only 84 options. How about this—what’s your favorite rabbit Pokemon? There’s only one that we know of that fits in both categories! If your child is a fan of cute and fluffy creatures that can also conjure heat, they’ll love Scorbunny.Product DetailsIf your kid loves Pokemon and wants to be a more unique type for Halloween this year, they might like this Scorbunny Hooded Jumpsuit Classic Costume! This jumpsuit has hook and loop fasteners down the front so your child can hop right in and out of the outfit. It has this creature’s white puffy tail on the back and embroidered facial features on the hood. It also has Scorbunny’s orange-tipped ears with wire inside to help them stand up. Add your kid’s favorite pair of shoes and they’ll be ready to explore the neighborhood. Check out our other Pokemon costumes so your child can get a whole team together for battling (or trick-or-treating)!

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