Deluxe Maleficent Horns


Look just like Angelina Jolie in her menacing role as Maleficent with these deluxe horns. They are an officially licensed accessory from the 2014 movie.

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Maleficent always gets the shaft. Everyone gets so down on her due to the whole spell thing. Really, she’s just a woman that is sick of getting dissed by her friends and isn’t going to take it lying down anymore. It’s just plain rude to invite every single person you know to a party *except* one. In 3rd grade, you might get embarrassed and hide out in the girls’ bathroom. Heck – even as an adult, we might be too hurt to speak up. Not Maleficent.She’s gives you a piece of her mind — and then some. And, you know what?! If it had been a man that spoke up, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. #DoubleStandardIf you want to channel your inner Maleficent, try on a pair of her horns. Now … go tell someone what you really think of them! You know you want to!

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