Popeye Pet Costume


Ahoy! I yam what I yam is what your dog will be barking when you dress them up in this Popeye Pet Costume. Designed after the iconic Popeye the Sailor Man’s look, your pet will be ready to be strong to the finish in this adorable Popeye Pet Costume.

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He’s Popeye the Sailor Dog!We don’t know about your dog, but our dog eats pretty much everything. We’re talking hot dogs that fell on the floor, old tennis shoes left inside of a gym bag, big clumps of grass from the backyard—you name it and he’s probably eaten it. His favorite though? Spinach. It’s got us thinking that maybe, in another lifetime, he was sailing the high seas and saving Olive Oyl from some dangerous situations!How about your dog? Does your dog have an unusual interest in strange foods, like spinach? Does he constantly come to your rescue? Do you think he’d look adorable with an anchor tattoo on his arm? Well, it sounds like your doggie is ready to wear this Dog Popeye Costume!Product DetailsThis officially licensed costume transforms your pooch in the Popeye, the iconic comic and cartoon character from the 1930s. The costume is designed to look like the classic sailor outfit and comes complete with a pair of beefy arms attached to the sides. The arms have Popeye’s anchor tattoos on them and one of them even gets to hold a fake can of spinach. Finally, the costume comes with a sailor hat with “Popeye” printed on the front! Your pup will be ready to save the day and eat a little bit of spinach when he wears this adorable costume!

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