Women’s Sexy Mummy Dress


This Women’s Sexy Mummy Dress is a good way to get wrapped up in Halloween. Or you might be able wrap up a nice man or woman for yourself. Just don’t trip on some spare wrap.

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Fashion RefresherYou spent ages in that old sarcophagus. Then some curious researcher brushed the inlay designs of your cozy casket just right, and now that you’ve been awakened. They ran in fear, convinced this queen of the Nile was doom incarnate, but you’re not interested in terrifying and cursing mortals. A quick check outside your crypt, and it’s clear there’s a whole new world to explore! Of course, you have enough human experience to know you can’t stroll into public spaces wearing the dusty rags you were wrapped in eons ago. A modern mummy needs something fresh! To make the transition from an ancient pyramid to a twenty-first-century city more comfortable, fashion with a familiar feel is helpful. Luckily, we have the threads you seek!Design and DetailsUnravel those old bandages and get ready to enjoy everything the present day offers in our exclusive Mummy Dress! The Made By Us costume dress combines the appearance of traditional mummy wraps with current styles to create this unique ensemble. The dress is composed of a comfortable, lightweight jersey knit and fits close to the body, promising to feel like a gentler mummy wrap. To get the look of layered linen bandages, the dress was given an all-over print of the desired texture—complete with natural wear and aging. Ruching on the sides of the garment and attached strips of matching print jersey knit further add to the layered look. Meanwhile, the low-cut V-neckline and above-the-knee hem add to the allure of the costume. Complete your mummy outfit with the included hair tie and leg-warmers!More Mummy Costume IdeasBring mummy costumes back from the dead when you show up to your next costume party in this Sexy Mummy Dress! The figure-flattering dress is accessorized with a hair tie and leg-warmers for a finished look. But if you’re looking to raise the fear or glamor factor, wigs and makeup are sure to help! Try luscious grey locks or creepy special effects prosthetics to create a legendary mummy costume!

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