Elf Pet Costume


Have fun dressing your pet up as one of Santa’s helpers when you get this Elf Pet Costume. This Elf Pet Costume will make your beloved pet the most adorable elf around this holiday season!

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Your Little HelperWhat is Christmas without Santa’s little helpers? The only problem is, lately, you’ve been doing all the elfing yourself. You’ve been secretly finding out what everyone on your list wants, you’ve been out shopping, and then you’ve been wrapping, wrapping, wrapping. This Elf Costume for Pets may just be the answer to your problems! We know what you’re thinking: my little pooch is the opposite of helpful! BUT, that’s the magic of this costume. Place this atop your pet and marvel at how they change. Whereas yesterday, they were chewing your shoes and ripping up the wrapping paper, now in this costume, they have somehow learned to put their little paw down to help you tie bows. We don’t understand the magic, either, but hey—that’s Christmas for you!Product DetailsWatch your pooch transform before your very eyes with this cheerful look! The main costume piece ties onto the back of your pet, and gives them a classic elf collar, little “helping” arms, and candy-striped legs. The red and green elf hat has a mistletoe applique and secures under the chin. We can’t wait to see how helpful your pet becomes to you once they’re all done up for Christmas!

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