Scooby Doo Sandwich Squeaker Dog Toy


Zoinks! Your pup will be ready to fetch up this adorable Scooby Doo Sandwich Squeaker Dog Toy. A must have if you love all things Scooby Doo as a pet owner!

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Dynamic DuoIf you plan to take your pup with you to the big Halloween bonfire, then they are going to need a costume. Why not let your adorable companion moonlight as everyone’s favorite cartoon mystery hound, and deck them out like Scooby-Doo? Think about it — you can be Shaggy and the two of you can get up to antics, capers, slapstick scenes, and big identity reveals all night long. You’ll be the hit of the Halloween party!And this Scooby-Doo Sandwich Squeaker Toy for Dogs is the perfect accessory to complete the transformation from an ordinary human and your pup to the infamous duo of Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. If there’s anything those jokers love, it’s to unwind with a huge Scooby Sandwich, after all. Of course, this one isn’t edible, but it will keep your little Scooby entertained while you go and look for the real Scooby snacks!Design & DetailsMade to look like an iconic Scooby Sandwich, this high-quality squeaker toy will satisfy your pup’s hunger — for fun. It measures approximately 2 inches thick and looks like bread on both sides, with yummy sandwich fixings inside. The outer shell is a plush velour and there are even cute embroidered poppy seeds and the Scooby-Doo logo.

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