Batman Batmobile Pet Carrier Bag


Holy adorable pet carriers Batman! Have your furry friend tag along as the Robin to your Batman with the Batman Batmobile Pet Carrier! To the Batmobile!

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To the Petmobile! Quick! It’s time for a trip to the vet and your little Ace isn’t one for car trips. Sure, it’s just a routine check-up, but who knows what kind of villainous mischief may be lurking between your house and the waiting room. You may have to make a speedy getaway. So, it’s a good thing your pooch isn’t riding in an ordinary car…it’s the Batmobile! Trips on the road with your small dog or cat suddenly turn into epic adventures of superhero proportions when you swap that old plastic and metal crate with this Batman Batmobile Carrier Bag for Pets. Treat your furry friend like the lovable and loyal sidekick they are by letting them ride in style. Not only will this bag be the envy of all your other pet-owning friends, but you, too, will get a Kick! Pow! Bam! from carrying this Batbag. Design & DetailsCrafted from sturdy materials, this officially licensed, rigid-bottomed bag provides the support and structure that helps your animal feel secure while in transport. There is a U-shaped top zipper for stress-free loading and unloading of your most precious cargo. Carrying straps make for a trip that’s easy on you and your pet, so you can spend your time worrying about more important things, like saving Gotham together!

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