Plush Turtle Hat


Be turtle-y enough for the turtle club with the Plush Turtle Hat! Hop on the Australian current and have a gnarly time while wearing the Plush Turtle Hat!

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Turtles Can Be HatsIt sounds crazy. We once tried wearing a turtle as a hat. It seemed like a good idea. What could go wrong?We spent hours at the pond trying to catch one. Once we finally got our hands on the reptilian critter, we triumphantly placed him on our head! To make a long story short, we found out that wearing a REAL turtle like a hat isn’t exactly a great idea and it’s best to just leave wild turtles to go about their business undisturbed. This Plush Turtle Hat on the other hand? Well, it’s designed to be worn as a hat, so it feels like a dream on your head!Product DetailsIf you’ve always wanted to have a turtle on your head, but without the hassle of trying to wear a real turtle on your head, then you need this Plush Turtle Hat. It’s made out of extra-soft materials, so it feels quite comfy on your head. It’s soft sculpted features make it look like a cartoonish sea turtle. It even has a pair of bulbous eyes on top!Skip the Trip to the PondLeave those turtles in the wild alone. If you want a turtle on your head, then get this soft turtle hat to wear! You, and the turtles in your local pond, will both appreciate it!

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