Toddler Bear Costume


Who wouldn’t want to cuddle with this tiny and cute little brown bear? This Toddler Bear Costume is a great storybook character costume for your little one.

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Oh goodness. There are times when groan-worthy puns are worth it and this costume is one of those times, because this costume truly is un-bear-ably cute. Bear with us through this adorable time. Yes, we’re saying these puns, without paws (okay, that one is admittedly pretty bad). We’re trying to find our bearings. Okay, okay. Ahem, let’s be honest: you aren’t doing this for your toddler. No, you’re doing it for you! Because you want to look back in 15 years and remember what an adorable little baby you had before suddenly they became a sullen teenager who never, under any circumstances, wants to take a family photo.But here’s the kicker: this costume is also available in adult sizes. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Toddler-parent photoshoot! Yes, that’s right, you and your toddler, together, in bear costumes. Did someone say most adorable pictures of all time (besides us, because we just said it right there)?? Picture it: a beautiful day, your child has taken a long, restful nap and woken up with the most delightful, almost unbelievable attitude. They don’t so much “put on” the bear costume as leap into it. And then those smiles! As if no kid on earth could be as happy as your kid in that bear costume. You do the shoot, but the kid wants to keep wearing it. Sure, you shrug, why not. Days go by. Weeks. The neighbors are shooting you odd looks, your child is being uninvited to play dates. But still the costume remains. That toddler-parent photoshoot sits on the mantle, mocking you! How did it come to this??You wake up! It was all a dream. You go to your toddler’s bed and there they sleep, as peaceful as ever. The most beautiful baby bear you’ve ever seen.

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